The Money Conversation

The Money Conversation

The Money Conversation is a one day workshop. It aims to provide an introduction to conducting conversations with clients about their financial situation, enabling identification of the need for referral and support.

Content focusses on the challenges of initiating and conducting “The conversation about money” with the client. It offers a chance to practice this interaction, thereby providing ample opportunity to “Learn by doing” because in this context, just reading the book alone is not adequate to prepare someone for the difficult an nuanced situation of talking about money with clients.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Introduced to the area of “Financial Literacy Education”
  • Experienced conducting a “Money conversation”
  • Gained some understanding of the theory behind money decisions and behaviours.
  • Considered opportunities for support and/or appropriate referral options.

Participants also receive a workshop manual containing information, activities and resources.

It is completed over several weeks with three and a half hour face-to-face sessions. The course is based on practical activities rather than lectures alone.

This is a non-accredited training course with no assessment component. Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation on completion for their professional development records.

Further information
Courses are run on a demand driven basis so costs can vary, please contact the training coordinator on 1800 MATRIX or send us an email.

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