Matrix on Board Training

Matrix on Board Training

Matrix on Board Training is Registered Training Organisation delivering accredited training in the area of Community Services Work.

Why is this relevant to my organisation?

Ongoing professional development enriches the capabilities and effectiveness of staff in the non-profit industry. Offering staff the opportunity to access accredited training ensures that they will feel valued and remain engaged within the organisation. Through explicit coaching from Matrix on Board and through the coaching skills that you will be empowered to use, your organisation will function effectively to meet its objectives.

What’s the advantage of using Matrix?

Matrix on Board has extensive experience in delivering short courses on financial literacy and governance to organisations across Australia. During 2009 we worked with an RTO to deliver accredited training as part of our FMRSU Project in North Australia. From the success of this work, Matrix on Board Training has been established to offer a program of financial and management training, specialising in the community services area

What will your organisation achieve?

  • Increased staff performance
  • Increased knowledge base of staff
  • Skilled staff able to achieve their personal and organisational vision
  • Confident staff who have the skills to guide organisational change
  • Knowledgeable staff who are able to work towards your organisation’s outcomes

What are the benefits for my staff?

  • Achieve formal qualifications that are recognised within the non-profit sector
  • Progress their professional development
  • Feel valued by your organisation

How is this service delivered?

Matrix on Board Training is delivered using traditional face-to-face methods such as workshops, group sessions, one-on-one support, and remotely via distance learning, telephone support and innovative web-based channels, such as Elluminate.

We will work with you to develop and improve:

  • The competence and capability of your staff
  • The value of your organisation
  • The learning culture of your organisation
  • The value of your staff
  • Individual learning plans for staff

RTO Provider No:110079

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