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Celebrating the Achievements of the Financial Management Resource Support Unit (FMRSU)

The FMRSU, a national program funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, training-smlhas achieved its mission to develop the rural and remote Money Management sector in Australia and has outperformed national average training outcomes.

The 6-year (2009- 2015) program provided accredited and non-accredited training, support, coaching, mentoring and practical skills workshops to the rural and Financial Wellbeing and Capability sector in Australia. A highlight of the program was its significant success in training Indigenous workers with the majority coming from remote communities.

It accomplished this through:

  • Organisational capacity building to implement new services
  • Mentoring front line staff
  • Training money management workers.

FMRSU’s multi-level Workforce Development approach for the Money Management Sector in Australia is outlined in the table below.

1. A Systems Perspective

  • Design and Implementation of Workforce Development Policies
  • Managing Organisational Change
  • Resources and Partnerships
  • Workforce Mapping & Planning

2. Organisational Capacity Building

  • Workforce Sustainability (Recruitment, Motivation, Stress and Burnout, Job satisfaction, Career paths, Turnover, Job Redesign)
  • Management & Supervision (Coaching and Mentoring supervisors)

3. Development of a Skilled Workforce

  • Information Management (Evidence based practice, Accessing information effectively)
  • Development of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Transfer of Training to Work Practice

certIIIThe Money Management sector covers a geographic area in Australia larger than Europe and consists of just over 40 organisations servicing over 33,000 Indigenous people. An annual average of 151 Money Management workers from 29 rural and remote service providers in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland participated in the FMRSU comprehensive development program.

The rural and remote nature of many of the service providers provided additional challenges not commonly faced by urban organisations. The FMRSU’s program delivery ensured that these workers and service providers were not disadvantaged by their location.

The FMRSU enriched learning and enabled the predominantly Indigenous Money Management workers and service providers to continue their commitment in providing financial literacy assistance and education to over 33,000 Indigenous individuals and their families.

To read more about the success of the FMRSU, please download a copy of the Evaluation Report.

If you’re a financial wellbeing & capability or money management worker and you’d like more information please enquire here.

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