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Why study with matrix?

When a student commences training with Matrix, we agree to work together with them to support them in their learning and skills development pathway.

Matrix on Board Training will:

  • Supply accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to prospective students about training services and recognition of prior learning
  • Ensure students have equal access and opportunities to enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Ensure all students are treated as adult learners
  • Develop a learning environment which is positive, safe, encouraging and accepting of individual differences
  • Maintain a learning environment free from harassment and discrimination
  • Ensure all students enrolled with Matrix have access to a fair and equitable complaints and appeals process
  • Ensure all operations follow access and equity principles
  • Maintain high professional standards in the delivery of education and training services
  • Recognise other qualifications or statements issued by Registered Training Organisations
  • Monitor and assess the performance and progress of students
  • Seek, collect and analyse student and other stakeholder feedback and make necessary changes to improve our services

As a student with Matrix, it is important to:

  • Participate in the training program and respect the rights of other students and staff
  • Participate in activities whether online or in the classroom
  • Complete any written or practical assessment tasks relating to your training within the given timeframes
  • Speak to your trainer/assessor if you are having any difficulties or you feel you need extra support
  • Return trainer/assessor messages or phone calls
  • Communicate any concerns regarding training or assessment outcomes using the appeals process

We are committed to helping people achieve their learning goals in a fun and supportive learning environment.

Download our Student Handbook for more details about studying with matrix and our courses.

Policies and Forms

Access and Equity Policy

Complaints and Appeal Policy
Complaints and Appeals Form

Credit Transfer Policy
Credit Transfer Form

Student Resources

Guide to Recognition of Prior Learning

Student Handbook

USI Information Flyer

Course Outlines

BSB20115 Certificate II in Business

BSB22015 Certificate II in Community Services

BSB32015 Certificate III in Community Services

CHCSS00077 Financial Literacy Education

RTO Provider No:110079

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